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MBBS admissions open for session 2018-2019

The mission of the NVU shall be the expansion of human vision through promotion of education, research and innovation.


Scope of Activities...

The institution operates as a nonprofit educational institution. Any other activities, not prohibited by law shall serve as the auxiliary media for the discharge of the foregoing.

All the revenues acceptable under the law in force of Georgia, shall be fully disbursed for the attainment of the goals of the institution.


The main goals of the NVU shall be:

Offering the educational programmes promoting the free development of an individual: “A student creates his/her own profile”: The educational programmes are oriented on the free choice of a student to develop the desirable competencies in the major field of study and acquire an additional specialty or arrange for free concentration of the components of various programmes;

Promotion of the establishment of the standards of academic integrity, encouragement of the research activities of the NVU academic personnel and integration of students into this process;

Development of the various models of introduction of novelties.